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Fascia Massage Gun - Professional Grade for Neck and Membrane Relaxation

Fascia Massage Gun - Professional Grade for Neck and Membrane Relaxation

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After careful research and development, the fascia gun is no longer large in size, and its lightweight body is only the size of a mobile phone. Little girls can also operate it with one hand.

Upgrade the battery to a safer and more energy-efficient charging device, and massage for 10 minutes per day for about 30 days.

The 24W high-power brushless motor can reach a speed of 3200, eliminate accumulated lactic acid after exercise, and roll the body due to fatigue; Combining the work of dual bearings, the body transmits more stable force, making the fascia gun no longer vibrate the hand, and achieving more perfect movement energy and silence effects.



1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation

2. Don't hit your joints

3. Not all parts are suitable for use

4. The longer the time and the longer the pain, the better the effect

5. Babies, minors, pregnant women, people with pacemakers, people with fractures, and people with metal in their bodies should not use it

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Candida Ritchie

Very good, good quality, the intensities are good as well as the quality of the heads, it brought charge, so I tested it immediately.
The packaging arrived in good condition and before the stipulated deadline.

Mallie Rau

Very good arrived before the estimated time

Bud Durgan

It's smaller than it looks but it works perfect and the size helps you not get tired quickly because of your weight

Abigayle Weissnat

It's a very low price, so I don't expect much, but I'm satisfied with using it.

Madalyn Schultz

Arrived in Mexico earlier than expected, I thought it would be a little more powerful and the. Battery will say a little o fast rga is not bad for the price I paid.