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Portable Heater Electric Heater 500W

Portable Heater Electric Heater 500W

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Crafted for convenience, the compact size of the electric heater makes it easy to carry and move around. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on a chilly outdoor adventure, this portable heater ensures you stay warm and comfortable.

The user-friendly design includes adjustable settings to customize your heating experience. Enjoy the warmth and convenience of our Portable Electric Heater, an essential companion during colder seasons or in spaces where additional warmth is needed.

Stay cozy on the go with our Portable Electric Heater – a compact and efficient heating solution that brings warmth to any environment, keeping you comfortable and snug. Embrace the convenience of portable heating for all your chilly moments.

[Low Energy consumption] The heater uses a low power of 500 watts, which is more energy efficient and cost effective than a high power space heater. In addition, it will not overload the circuit. Perfect for people in mild climates

Adjustable temperature and LED display: The temperature is adjusted between 30°F and 80°F, and the LED screen will display clear pictures.

180° rotatable plug: The plug of the space heater can be rotated 180° to fit the power outlet in different conditions and locations. If your power outlet is upside down, simply rotate the plug to fit into the outlet

[Built-in timer] This type of ceramic local heater adopts the timing function of 1 hour to 12 hours. Just press the "Timer" button to set the required time

[Safety overheat protection] The electric heater made of fire-resistant material has no safety danger. Overheating protection will automatically turn off the heater in case of overheating


Rated voltage: 220V

Power: 500W

Color: White

Gear position: 1 gear

Suitable environment: bedroom, living room, kitchen, study, office, etc.

Power: <800W

Heating element: QUARTZ

Number of Speed Settings:> Fifth gear

Function:Adjustable Thermostat/Ventilation/Remote Controlled/Deodorizing Effect/Overheating Protection

Package Included:

1 * Mini Fan Heater

1 * Remote Control

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Juana Haley

What shit, it's worth nothing

Kareem Torphy

Thermostat does not function. After half a minute of heating, the heater goes out. Only blows cold air, while the set temperature is far from being reached. When I set the desired temperature to 30 degrees Celsius, it will turn off after 30 seconds.

DO NOT buy this device.
NOT reliable.
DOES NOT function

Thora Kunde

Defective material. I plugges them in big sinkles⚡⚡⚡L Devices does not work

Joelle Keebler

Arrived quickly what is appreciated for cold times, turns on well and works. Personally I don't feel like it's hot beyond 12-15 cm from where the air comes out of the device. I bought it to put it near my bed and heat up my space, not my room. And I haven't felt much change but apparently it works normally. It is thick and good construction and quality.

Yasmeen Reilly

Fast delivery .. Product very well for a bathroom ..
I recommend